Family Day 2009

Well it’s been a year!  Can you believe it?  We are so amazed at the transformations we’ve ALL experienced over the past year.  The kids have grown so much.  A school year has passed.  We’ve celebrated every holiday together now.  We ARE a family.  Erika, you were right.  I thought after 6 months, I knew what was happening.  But after that year mark, life is so much smoother.  Thank the Lord for our babies.


A Beautiful Picture

April 2009

Bryan celebrated his birthday at the Olive Garden.  He FINALLY got a cell phone.  😉  He didn’t want them to sing to him, but our waitress did bring him a special dessert.

We celebrated Brett’s birthday by going out to eat at the Golden Corral – his fave on Tuesday night. We also celebrated on Saturday by going to Ryan’s.  He got a portable DVD player – something he’s wanted for a few months.

She’s FOUR now…… What a great day we had. She wanted to go out to “chips and salsa” to eat, so we did. They sang Happy Birthday to her and brought her a dessert. At home, she got a cake and a 4 wheeler to drive in the garage. I’m so proud of my baby girl!

We Made the Cover!

Check out this link:  http://www.carolinaadoption.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/cas-enewsletter-spring-2009.pdf  Bella and I made the cover page of our adoption agency’s spring newletter.  It SOOO shows how carefree her life is now and how pain-free mine is now.  Our three children have filled our home and our hearts.

Thanks to “the girls” for encouraging me to send in the pic. 

Look at page 6 and you’ll see how rare it is to find a blondie in Moldova.


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Thanks to everyone who is still checking in on us.  We’re sorry to be so slow!!!